I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan,
South Sudan
I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan


South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan is located in the Sahel Region of Northeast Africa. This country is the youngest in the world because it was born on the 9th of July 2011 after 5 years of autonomy from the government of the North, as a result of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which ended many years of civil war. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also very young. Therefore, we try to take care of the youth of today in order to guarantee a better future for this young Nation.

We are present in three areas of the New Country: Juba, the actual Capital City of the Republic, Wau, and Tonj.

St. Joseph Primary School and Auxilium Primary School

 We, the Salesian Sisters, are engaged mainly in educational works that benefit the neediest young people. We administer St. Joseph Primary School and Auxilium Primary School. We have spacious, clean buildings but lack the necessary desks, chairs, tables, and teaching supplies to fully equip the school.

 Following St. John Bosco’s Preventive System, which is based on reason, religion, and loving-kindness, we accompany our students and support them as they develop their gifts, achieve personal excellence and prepare for the future with hope and confidence. We try to reach out to the poorest young people in the area. We want to provide qualified education to help them to grow as responsible people and honest citizens.


 Our dispensary welcomes hundreds of people every day and we have many programs going on for HIV, Tuberculosis, pregnancy, malnourished children, etc. We also have a mobile clinic that is an Outreach Program for poor people who are living in faraway villages. In addition to these things, our nutrition and vaccine program and receives more than 100 children daily.

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