I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan,
South Sudan
I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan


Vocational Training
“Learning to learn for life and work,” focuses on the importance of technical and vocational education and training in providing youth with the opportunities to develop their competencies and accelerate their transition to work.

TVET Program
Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Ethiopia seeks to create competent and self-reliant citizens to contribute to the economic and social development of the country, thus improving the livelihoods of all Ethiopians and sustainably reducing poverty.

The Salesian Sisters are aware that integral education, especially a good standard education for women, is a pre-requisite for social and economic progress. They value human resources, development of the whole person thus, assuming responsibility for their own growth and right judgment keeping in mind even the economic benefits of education, which is expected to develop skills, knowledge, increase productivity and above all foster positive attitude towards economic, social and cultural development.

Apparel Production (Level I, II and III)at Addis Abeba, Dilla and Zway Campuses
Fashion Design (Level IV)at Addis Abeba, Dilla and Zway Campuses

IT Support Service (Level I and II)at Addis Abeba, Dilla and Zway Campuses
Hardware and Network Servicing (Level III and IV)at Addis Abeba, Dilla and Zway Campuses

Administrative office & Secretarial Technology (Level I, II, III and IV)at Dilla Campus

Women Promotion

Young women and girls face many disadvantages and
barriers to accessing education and achieving
financial independence despite their huge potential,

Considerable gaps between men and women in education attainment, economic opportunities, voices and decision-making and wellbeing are persistent in many parts of Africa.

Salesian Women Promotion is helping people into work; promoting lifelong learning; and supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Focusing specifically on helping women who have become detached from education, the Salesian Sisters AES is offering various program such as Food Preparation, Basket Making, Fashion, Hairdresser, Care Giving, and Bakery.

Through Empowering Women, the women and young girls can be provided greater opportunities for jobs, and they can support for their children’s education and provide their households with superior nutrition, stronger food security and increased access to health care.