I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan,
South Sudan
I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan


South Sudan

 The Republic of South Sudan is located in the Sahel Region of Northeast Africa. This country is the youngest in the world because it was born on the 9th of July 2011 after 5 years of autonomy from the government of the North, as a result of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which ended many years of civil war. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is also very young. Therefore, we try to take care of the youth of today in order to guarantee a better future for this young Nation.

 We are present in three areas of the New Country: Juba, the actual Capital City of the Republic, Wau and Tonj.

Tonj is a village, which is becoming a big rural town due to the influx of returnees. 

Salesian Sisters are building up the Bakhita Educational Center that comprises Bakhita Kindergarten, Bakhita the Primary School, and Bakhita Secondary School that runs until Senior 4 in 2020. Salesian Sisters’ mission is entrusted to the protection of Josephine Bakhita, an African saint from Sudan.

Supporting Girls’ Education 

Recently in Senior Secondary School, Salesian Sisters have opened extra two classes for girls from other schools to reinforce their studies. The girls have made a huge achievement in their work. Also, this initiative has drawn the attention and involvement of the parents. The number of girls who want to join in this initiative is increasing. Therefore, it has a positive impact on the whole area.

Hygiene and Value Education for women

Since 2007, Salesian Sisters are visiting small villages to gather and instruct women on hygiene for their families in their houses. Also, the sisters empower them by teaching value education in families, Motherhood, and Child Care.

Women Promotion – Agriculture Program 

Salesian Sisters offer an opportunity for Agriculture Program to women. Agricultural Training is to prevent hunger and improve the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in that area. It can increase food availability and incomes, also improve basic services such as health and education. 

Encouraging this Program, the government has given a piece of land to the Bakhita mission. So, Salesian Sisters support women to contribute seeds, cultivate plants, and instruct them to do good farming. As an outcome of this program, many women can send their children and provide food to their families. 

 Also, as a part of Women Promotion, the sisters support a group of young girls and ladies interested in dressmaking and hand embroidery. 

Literacy Program

Since 2012, Salesian Sisters have been doing a literacy program for women and young girls in the afternoon. In 2014, they opened ALP(ALP Accelerated Learning Program) for 66 young girls who never went to school. ALP helped them to speed up two grades in one year. At the end of the year, a good number of them managed to enter Bakhita Primary School. 


 Following the example of St. John Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello, Salesian Sisters have the weekend oratory, where so many children, young people, and young adults come and play free games, organized games, competitions of football and netball for boys and girls separately at the same time. There is a group of dancers who always manage the dancing section. It attracts many people to join the relaxing time for themselves.

  At 6 pm, all people gather around the statue of Mother Mary and recite the rosary with great devotion. It is led by the animators of the oratory with hymns and reflections. It is a good formation ground for them for leadership.  In the end, one of the sisters gives a good evening thought.

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