I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan,
South Sudan
I Entrust Them To You!
Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan


In a mission land, like Ethiopia and South Sudan, there are always projects going on because of the needs in the poor countries and the heart that we have for the education of young people. Some of the projects are already going on, other projects are in the pipeline but one thing is sure: whatever we manage to accomplish and if we can dare to dream, it is because of the generosity of many benefactors who are helping the poor.

We would like to dedicate this page to all those who, in different ways, are supporting our work. You are a part of our adventure and we would like to give our thanks to you through our daily apostolate and a big heart for the young people, especially the poorest ones.

Our missions in ETHIOPIA:

  • In Addis Abeba, in Bisrate Gabriel area, there are girls who are striving in order to realise their dreams in Literacy Program.
  • In Addis Ababa, Bole Bulbula area, benefactors have built the kindergarten and the primary school. The staff’ residence has been completed and now the secondary and preparatory school is getting ready to be opened in September 2018.
  • In Adwa some benefactors, through the association of Amici di Adwa, are helping us to build a structure of 30 small self contained bedrooms that, when they are ready, will give accommodation to doctors and visitors and two classrooms. The building has almost reached roof level. We are in great need of a hall where to gather all the students for different occasions, or to hold parents’ meetings etc.
  • In Zway we are in need of building at least 16 classrooms for the high school. The government is demanding, that the structure of the primary school and the one of the high school should be on a different piece of land.
  • In Dilla the staff residence has been enlarged and now there is a new chapel. The parents of the children are pressurizing us to open a primary school which is certainly a need.

Our missions in SOUTH SUDAN:

  • The mission in Gumbo (Juba) has only few months of life. Nevertheless benefactors have helped us to build classrooms for the primary school. There are already four small prefabricated houses where the staff is living, while the real house is still under construction. Our projects for the development of our mission in Gumbo are: building more classrooms for the primary school, buildings of the pre school and two big rooms for the women promotion project. We have a big field that we would like to use with the women for self reliance projects, but we need gardening tools and a small tractor for preparing the soil.
  • In Wau our two schools are full to the brim. There are almost 2.000 children in both schools. The heat is very intense for most of the year and we need one covered hall in each school where we can gather children or hold parents meeting without risking a sun stroke. We also need to build few classroom for the secondary school, because the number of young people is huge, but the schools are few, especially secondary schools. The staff is living in a building that the benefactor wanted to be used for women promotion activities, but we cannot help. Another big and urgent need is the house for the staff, to be able to begin activities with the women of the area. Always in Wau we run a big dispensary with almost 1.000 people visiting daily in order to follow the different programmes going on. It is an old and small structure and therefore insufficient for the needs, especially now that the population is growing fast. We need to restructure the dispensary and to build few more doctors’ rooms.
  • In Tonj the staff house has been built and even the women promotion centre is built. At this time the construction company is building the pre school and few classes 0f the primary school. Eventually we will need to build the secondary school and a small dispensary to take care of the sick students and some neighbours. Another need is to help the agricultural project carried on by local women for self-sustainability. We need to fence the land, to dig a well and to provide tools for the work in the field.

There is one great need that is common to all our missions:

  • There are many children that cannot attend school, because their parents cannot pay the school fee and there are many more, who eat once a day, if not every two days. World Food Programme (WFP) does not manage to feed the children of the schools in Gumbo, Wau and Tonj and in other towns all over the country. We can offer education asking for a very low school fee, enough to pay the teachers salaries, but we do not manage to feed the children. If you can, adopt a child or a whole classroom, and you will put a healthy smile on the face of the children. Thank you!