South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan is located in the Sahel Region of Northeast Africa. This country is the youngest in the world because it was born on the 9th of July 2011 after 5 years of autonomy from the government of the North, as a result of the Comprehensive Peace agreement, which ended many years of civil war. It is one of the poorest countries in the world but it is also very young. Therefore we try to take care of the youth of today in order to guarantee a better future for this young Nation.

We are present in three areas of the New Country: Juba, the actual Capital City of the Republic, Wau and Tonj.


Jubs is our youngest presence because we arrived here in March 2011. The precise location where the mission is situated is called Gumbo and we share the big compound with the Salesian of Don Bosco and Caritas Sisters, a religious congregation that belongs to the Salesian Family.

We have a beautiful kindergarten, primary school and women promotion centre. The mission has accomplished a lot in a short time and is now involved in fostering the quality of education for children and empowering women in the area of literacy, agriculture, sewing and food preparation.

We are also involved with the youth of the Parish. The sisters are accommodated in prefabricates while waiting for the house to be build.

We have many beautiful dreams for this place! Please visit our page PROJECTS and start dreaming with us!


We are responsible of two huge primary schools. They are huge considering the number of registered students, but very small comparing to the need for classrooms.

Even our dispensary welcomes hundreds of people everyday and we have many programmes going on: HIV, Tuberculosis, pregnancy, malnourished children etc. Visit to the families of the Parish and parish animation is also part of our commitment. The needs of this mission are really many.


Tonj is a village, which is becoming a big rural town due to the influx of returnees. Our mission is entrusted to the protection of Bakita, a saint African woman.

We are running a kindergarten and the primary school has reached already grade 7. A great achievement of this educational set up is the increase involvement of the parents in the education of their children, the increase number of girls in the school and the positive impact in the whole area.

We are also involved in women promotion. One of us is leading an agriculture program in a land given by the government to the mission as well as in some villages around Tonj targeting women, who through their, manage to have enough money to send their children to school and to give food to their families. There is also a group of young ladies interested in dress making and all together they asked to attend a proper literacy program and to be taught in English. Even for this mission we have great dreams!

The mission in South Sudan is extremely demanding, but also very fascinating. Are you thinking of giving us a hand? Do not think twice. There are many children who are waiting for you!


  1. Sr charlotte says:

    Congratulation, dear sisters for your work, we are near you in our prayers but you are also our neighbour.
    Sr Charlotte from DR CONGO

  2. Yes we are your neighbours and we share many things with you, above all the need for PEACE. Thank you Sr. Charlotte for your encouragement and have a beautiful New year.

  3. marialeela says:

    Congrats dear and brave sisters of Don Bosco. You are truly amazing and your works praiseworthy. I wish to join you all and offer my time and talents especially at Tonj, both with the children and the women.

  4. Foundation New Flower in Africa (nuovo fiore in africa) has decided to fund and support the new project to build new classes of the elementary school in Tonj.

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