Ethiopia is a beautiful Country located in the Horn of Africa. We Salesian Sisters are present in five places with six communities: Addis Ababa (2), Adwa, Dilla, Zway and Gubrie. We would like to share with you these five places where our adventure takes place everyday.


Mary Help College and literacy program

Our house in Bisrete Gabriel (the Provincial House) welcomes everyday almost 30 children. They are beautiful and very friendly young girls who attend the literacy program. Our aim is to help them to get ready to continue their education in a formal primary school.

In the compound of the house there is also Mary Help College. Here we welcome young people who are interested in learning either Information Technology (IT) or Fashion Design, following the policy of the Ethiopian government that wants 80% of the youth to get involved in these areas of professional formation.

Kindergarten and primary school

In Addis Ababa, Bole Bulbula, we have a kindergarten and a primary school that reaches already grade 7. Our children are almost 1.000. The building of the secondary and preparatory school is going on and we have opened our oratory every Saturday in the afternoon attended by children of the school and the area. Read more about the project here.


Adwa is a town located in the North of Ethiopia, very close to the border with Eritrea. Here we daily open the gates of our mission to children and young people who attend the schools, from the kindergarten to the preparatory school. Two groups of young ladies are employed in the production of making clothes (mainly school uniforms) and industrial knitting. Most of them, together with some students from outside, are attending the fashion design program promoted by the mission.

In this mission, beside from the weekend oratory, we have other activities like material support to adopted children and their families, animal project for self sustainability, accommodation given to specialized doctors who, from time to time, come to offer their volunteer service to the children and people of Adwa.

Sport field


Feeding program and school

Zway is a populated and poor area in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The local people are very friendly and good to us. Since we started our presence many young people have graduated and now working all over the country.

Through the feeding program we are able to reach very poor families and malnourished children. It is open every day and one of us takes great care of all who come to ask for help. Of course we have the weekend oratory, where girls fill the premises and enjoy themselves.

In Zway we also have two kindergartens, a literacy program and a big primary and preparatory school.

Mary Help College

In addition we have Mary Help College for Information Technology (IT) and Fashion Design. When Fashion Design started it was the first one in the country and today the college is highly recognized by the government for its achievements and the quality of teaching. Read more about the college here.

There is also a degree program in IT. This campus is a part of the Catholic University Saint Thomas Aquinas in Addis Ababa, to be able to qualify more people in this area.



Dilla is a town immersed in the green Gedeo Zone. It is a very beautiful place full of coffee plantations and other natural products. Even in Dilla we have two kindergartens and a college in Information Technology, Fashion Design and secretarial sciences.


We also run a dispensary, well attended by many people in need of medical care. The facility of ultrasound offered within the premises of the clinic, attract many people from different parts of the country who trust the expertise and gentle touch of our sister doctor.

Through the help of many benefactors we are able to sponsor education for many children who otherwise would be unable to attend school. Catechesis in the Parish and Sunday Oratory are other activities which we follow weekly.

Our Ethiopian adventure is wonderful. Come and spend some time with us and you will fall in love with the warmth of our children!


  1. Mirella Annulli says:

    Sono stata in Etiopia tra aprile e maggio del 2003, ospite delle figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice di Addis Abeba e poi a Dilla come volontaria VIDES, credo che quando si fanno queste esperienze non si dimentichino più, sono poi andata in altri posti, ma l’Etiopia mi restata nel cuore, vi voglio bene a tutte voi che fate questo lavoro prezioso, che Dio vi dia la forza la determinazione e l’aiuto necessario per andare avanti ed aiutare tutti i giovani che bussano alle vostre porte del cuore. Mirella Annulli.

    1. Grazie Mirella. Hai ragione a dire che le esperienze di servizio tra i poveri non si dimenticano…. sono proprio loro a farci diventare “ricche”. Se vuoi tornare anche solo per visitare sappi che le porte sono aperte. un abbraccio

      1. giovanna giola says:

        Carissime, sono Giovanna Giola. Quest’anno non riusciremo a venire quest’anno per Natale! Peccato!!! Dal 2000 ad oggi Renato ed io siamo venuti 8 volte. Ormai per noi Makanissa è la ns casa! Ci mancherete! Ci mancheranno le “NOSTRE” bambine! I loro sorrisi, la loro bellezza, la loro dolcezza… Un abbraccio a tutte voi!!! Giovanna

  2. Carissime Sisters,

    E’ stato meraviglioso vivere con tutte voi la gioia dell’inaugurazione della scuola di Bole Bulbula lunedi’ 28 Gennaio 2013. Grazie per quello che fate per gli oltre 500 bambini di Bole.

    Riccardo e famiglia

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