Training Course – Development Office

The Provincial office and The Planning Development Office of our Pre-Province have organised a short course refresher training on QuickBooks accounting software 2020 with the help of Target Business Consultants Plc. It was conducted from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September for the five participants from three communities who are dealing with finance related work. They  were:

  1. Sr. Betty Amos                        – Khartoum
  2. Ms. Rahel Mentesnot Bahru  – PDO – Addis
  3. Mr. Negatu Habtamu              –  Dilla
  4. Ms. Rahel Belachew               – Bole BulBula
  5. Ms. Tsigereda Gosaye Huluka – Zway

 The objective of this training was to enhance the skill of accountants in designing a suitable chart of accounts, usage of managing their reports and in the designing, and customization of financial reports in accordance with the report requirements of the internal users and external users using the QuickBooks Accounting Software 2020.

 With an ice breaking session of self-introduction of each participant and the facilitators, the first day began. The overall methodology of this training had three phases of pre-training assessment, design and provision of training.  The participants were encouraged to participate well and to relate the training to actual practice. The training material covered all issues of accounting from company creation, opening data entry, transaction entry, bank reconciliation, reporting, budgetary control and report customization and design. At the end of the course they had an evaluation and the participants were given a certificate of merit. On the 3rd of September the participants were given a day of practical assessment in the Provincial office, clarifying the doubts and revising all the inputs they received before leaving for their respective places. This training was an enriching experience of learning and very useful as it will be applied in the accounting of the houses of our mission in the coming days.

We thank Sr. Gio for the initiative taken to update the mission and for the assurance that in the next months the office and PDO will organize an ON-LINE COURSE FOR the South Sudan communities and for all the sisters who wish to know this program. May God bless our efforts done for His greater glory!

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