A letter from Khartoum, Sudan

My name is Bobby Leon, I am 33 years old and I am as a travel addict as a charity activist. I’ve been back in Sudan now for almost four years, but I know that I will always be an addict. I grew up where the Salesian Sisters live.

 I started to come to pray, play, meet various kids in Dar Mariam Center instead of St. Peter and Paul Parish because I knew that I was going to meet there my spiritual mums too, Sr. Josephine, Sr. Treza Roscosca, Sr. Treza Joseph M. Sr. Elizabeth and my elder sisters Sr. Alexandra, Sr. Betty Amos and the other sisters.

 My late Mom, Elizabeth E. J. Ali (RIP) used to bring me and my two elder brothers and four young Sisters to the Nuns- Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians. From them I learned a lot of things, during my meeting with children, young people, adults, and the elderly who are welcoming, affectionate, grateful and also, on many occasions, used to living in precarious situations of accommodation, hygiene, health, education; and this hurts me because the inequality that we live in this ‘globalized world’ of ours is unjust.

 The golden time in my life was between 16 and 20 years old, when I started working as a teacher in Dar Mariam School, supervised by Salesian Sisters, they taught me how to teach with the heart of Jesus, then I worked in their clinic. One day Sr. Treza Roscosca told me that, God gave you a great voice, then we started recording prayers for retreats. After that, she agreed with Sr. Betty Amos that God gave me a positive attraction and it would be better to use and practice it with some spiritual activities. Therefore, they gave me a chance to give lectures to girls in their yearly camp when they saw that I was really a responsible person (16 years teaching secondary School) then they offered me a chance to coordinate the teenage camp.

Meanwhile I was doing my Civil Engineering studies (I got motivational, spiritual, financial help from the nuns to finish my studies and the final project). With them I learnt, no boss, no worries, no grey sky, just carefree  I would like to assure you as it’s happened to me, serving, working with the Salesian Sister you will start putting your foot in the other shoe, looking with different edges feeling and touching poverty hurts. These will make someone aware that we have a duty to be in solidarity with people who do not have the possibilities to develop their full potential. Don Bosco’s dream is a reality in Dar Mariam Centre and the Salesian community works tirelessly for the good of these people., I experienced this also when they involved me with the charity project during the winter. It was

a new step to do something in the society around us not only inside the church for the Christians but for each human who’s in need. Now these days after flooding in our area I started doing the same thing helping those people who lost their homes and their basic needs, I started asking my friends and begging rich people to take part either by offering something or coming personally.

 Dear reader, if I start mentioning all the details this article will be a book named The Child Became a Man by The Blessings of Selasian Sisters.

See you soon either face to face or through my article

Love and peace

Bobby P. Leon 

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