Mission – Zway

Missions – a short word. For many, it may not matter, but to me it is extremely important. A special dream as I’ve always dreamed of Africa. I’ve had it in my heart since I was a child, and with time the desire to do missionary volunteering also appeared. However, God had His plans and His time. The search for the right place took many years. At that time, God worked hard on my motivations and prepared me for the tasks He planned for me …
I arrived in Ethiopia with a friend in mid-September 2019. There were still many questions in my head and doubts whether I could manage it. Can I work with children for half a year? Can I withstand high temperatures? On the other hand, my heart gushed with joy and happiness that I arrived safely; that one of my bigger dreams came true; that I could leave a part of myself on the African soil … Going on missions is a beautiful experience, but it is also difficult. Especially when you constantly see suffering: you meet people who are hungry, there are sick people who suffer because they have no money for treatment or bread.
Our daily presence in the feeding center enriched us enormously. A unique place where we helped to look after little angels. They were the most needy, sick and hungry children who came with their mothers for medicine, something to eat and the opportunity to wash their clothes. Contact with them gave us great joy, their smiles were the reward of everything. For them it was worth overcoming all obstacles that appeared on the road.
The experience of volunteer work among children in that particular place was unique to me. On the one hand, it is a perception of the problem of hidden poverty, very modest living conditions which most people met and the importance of the help of the Catholic Church. On the other hand, I was amazed at how little you need to be happy and how you can enjoy small things (what people in Europe often forget).
I have been asked many times if it is worth going since I will not change anything. Especially if I’m going for a short period of time. Maybe it would be better to send this money to those in need? I think it was worth it. This time built me internally. It sensitized me to the needs of others, gave a different view on life and problems. I saw the love and commitment of missionary sisters who left their countries to serve the people of Ethiopia. Seeing the work they do every day again, with God’s help, I would like to be more involved in the work of the Church. I will always remember this time spent in Africa as a time of great grace and confirmation that nothing is impossible for God.
It doesn’t matter where we are at present – in Poland, in one of the African countries or somewhere at the end of the world. There is no shortage of people needing our help. Missions have taught me to be careful and grateful for life, who I am and what I have. It is said that we will not change the world. But by helping one person, we can change their fate by changing their whole life. I am grateful to God that he let me go on this mission. I also know that my mission does not end here, because wherever I am there will be people who need something: money, a smile and maybe just my presence and time.

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