* Feast of Our Lady of Mary Help of Christians – Gumbo Community

Today, Monday the 25th of May, we celebrated the feast of Mary Help of Christians. The statue of Mary Help of Christians in the chapel was adorned as if she were in a beautiful grotto. Fr. Zubino SDB was the main celebrant for the Eucharistic celebration. He stressed our great love and devotion to the Mother of God, which often people mistake for idol worship. He cited a few examples of people from his hometown who refused to become Catholics because of the stupid repetitive prayer “Hail Mary”. Fr. Zubino encouraged us to continue to be solicitous and motherly in our mission here in Gumbo parish.
After our community Eucharistic celebration, we welcomed the women with Marian music and served them a cup of tea and biscuits, after which they went for their duties in their respective sectors. One could see some running to harvest the vegetables so that it could be sent to the market, others rushing to the catering department to begin the mixing of the dough, still others on their sewing machines.
At 1.00pm we had lunch together with the staff and the women together with the sisters. One could see happy faces all around the campus. After a sumptuous lunch prepared by Sr. Dionisia and her team, the women, after a bit of rest, continued their work.
At 3.30 pm once again we gathered together to honor our Blessed Mother. We had a procession rosary carrying the statue of our blessed mother, well decorated by Sr. Celestina and her team. We began the procession in the Women Promotion center and went to the kindergarten compound, then to the sisters’ compound. At each mystery, the women took turns to carry our Blessed Mother. We completed the rosary back in the Women Promotion Centre.
After the Holy Rosary Sr. Dionisia shared a short message. She shared the dream of Don Bosco where he saw his boys offering flowers to Mary. In the dream, Don Bosco asked Mary why some of the flowers the boys offered were thrown away. Mary’s answer was: because their intention was evil. So, Sr. Dionisia encouraged all of us to do our duties well, with diligence and honesty. Before the women dispersed to go home each of them received a small token along with a medal and a Rosary.


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