* Feast of Maria Domenica Mazzarello – Gumbo Community

The Gumbo community celebrated the feast of our co-foundress St. Mary Mazzarello with our women who, in spite of the lockdown, came to do their daily duties in the agriculture and the catering sections. A few from the tailoring section also came.
The day began with the morning prayers well animated, followed by the Eucharistic celebration only for the sisters of the community. During the homily Fr. Zubino SDB highlighted St. Mary Mazzarello’s spirit of prayer and sacrifice; and her love and devotion to the Eucharist, which he witnessed during his visit to Mornese.
Today is a very special day for the women of the Centre –Mazzarello Promotion Centre. The whole campus was colorful and festive. Soon after the Holy Mass, Sr. Lourdes welcomed the women with melodious music. As they entered, they were served a hot cup of tea and biscuits. Then they went about their regular activity. At lunchtime the whole community, sisters and staff, joined the women for lunch maintaining the social distance. After lunch again they continued with their daily work. At 3.00 pm we gathered together to pray the Holy Rosary, offering each decade for various intentions.
After the rosary, before they dispersed, everyone received a packet consisting of a bar of soap, bath towels, and sugar. As the packets were being distributed, they were singing and dancing. With eyes beaming with joy and a broad smile on their face they gratefully left the campus for their respective homes. We thank Mother Mazzarello for her continuous protection and support for the Centre which is under her patronage.


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