Charity Club- Bole Community

I am Melat Berihu from Auxilium Catholic School- Bole Bulbula- Addis Ababa. I am fifteen years old and I am the leader of this group. The group was formed in our school on the 9th Nov. 2019 by the society of St. Egidio with the aim of giving the young people an opportunity to serve as volunteers in the Home of the Aged. There are about sixty of us in this group. We go to visit the elderly twice a month on Saturdays, we do any kind of work that is needed; we clean the house, we cut their nails, we comb their hair and we spend quality time chatting with them since this is what they need most.
I feel so happy to be part of this group and to help the old people who feel abandoned by their children. I feel good to serve them and I know that the blessing they give us at the end of the day is real. I encourage other young people to have similar experiences and learn how to help people and who knows one day when we are grown up, we may start our own charity groups.
Here below are some of my friends who would like to share with you their experiences as they serve the aged:
* Hello everyone, my name is Heaven Biruk I am fifteen years, I am one of the core group members of this Charity Club. We did this activity for almost four months and we were stopped by the Covid-19 Pandemic for fear of spreading the infection to the elderly. Since I have started taking part in this voluntary activity, I feel different. I count myself lucky to have met these people. Here I don’t just give but I also receive love because they treat me as their own. At first, I thought I was too young to offer anything to the society, but when I started going to visit the elderly, I have discovered that we young people can really do a lot to help humanity. At the Home of the Aged, we do ordinary things and bring joy to the elderly. It feels good to know that I can do something for the people. So, wake up my dear young people and do something to ease the suffering of others!
* I am Mikias Girma, I am fifteen years old. Being with the elderly and serving them gives me an incredible feeling. The elderly though, they look physically weak, are a treasure since they know more about life. Sharing with them makes me learn a lot of things from them. At this age, they should be cared for by their children and grandchildren who are not there for them. So, what they need from us is love; taking time to listen to them, playing with them, sharing a meal with them. I thank God for this experience because it has opened my heart to the needs of others.
* My name is Rakeb Getahun. I am 16 years old and I am part of this group. I think I am playing an important role in the life of these old people. At first, when I started going to the house of the aged, I did not know what to say or how to approach them. Within no time we created a strong family bond. They advise me, ask me what I did during the week and I tell them how I spent my time. I feel that the children of these old people have abandoned the most precious thing in life which is more valuable than wealth; they have abandoned love! From this home, I have learned that we should love everybody even if they don’t love us in return. These old people speak only good things about their children and I can feel how much they love them. I have never heard anyone complain about what their children did to them. This is a big lesson for me.
My dear young people who read this article let’s not waste time and energy on useless things but instead let us help those who need our help. In our society we find many of these kinds of people; we never lack the poor.

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