An unexpected experience and calling of God – Zway

Everywhere our life changed suddenly so it is the same in Zway mission; from our frenetic activity to begin full time in the community, from life completely among the young and collaborators to life almost only with the sisters, from problems, especially for salary, to a peaceful time to pray and reflect but with profound suffering for what is happening in our world.
It is an unexpected calling to our community to change lives because of this situation. We closed our schools, College, Degree program, and Oratorio as Government demanded but during one meeting, we asked ourselves what we had to do in this new social time, what is God asking us to do our people?
Close the door…no. Then, we decided to be open to the poorest ones with the Feeding Program Center and for the young women with the Production Workshop. In this way, we continue to support the ladies who are sewing masks with their salary.
In the Feeding Program Center, Sister Anita is always present with some workers to give help and food. Every week, they are training poor women about how to protect themselves and their children from COVID 19.
After that, we bought food for the poor and we started our new routine. We changed the time table to pray more and we offer our time in simple ways, working especially in the garden to take care of vegetables and fruits, which are very important in the time of trial.
Providence never leaves us alone. We received a donation to produce masks, we received a donation to buy a new water tank for the school because the old one is broken…and many friends, who are suffering from COVID 19 in their countries, are thinking continually about us…
Our joy to see their pictures or their messages… “Here, we are in terrible condition and you; How are you???” Our friends from abroad love us so much.
Our life was changed a little when, during the last month, for two times, the Educational Office of Zway asked that all schools teachers and staff go around by car in our town to explain the right behavior in this situation, how to wash the hands, how to use the sanitizers, how to wear a mask, etc. Our teachers went to help to bring awareness to the population, especially our children.

Another change happened when the Government sent documents for the students. Then, we decided to do some activities to help our children to not feel so alone. With our staff in the School, we are preparing notes for all students, and for Kindergarten children, the teachers are preparing homework in the notebooks. Grade 12 students received their files by Telegram. Last week we started to distribute the material. The children are coming with masks, laughing and joking because they see each other. And…what about social distance?? In this case, we are laughing! It is almost impossible to make a line and keep social distance….  The students are very happy to enter in the School’s compound and they are grateful to receive the notes, less when we ask the School’s fee…nothing we can do, we must. Our prayers and our efforts are for them.

In our community, we are blessed because the Salesians are coming to celebrate Mass every day. We celebrated Easter and our Salesian feast but it is very painful that we cannot share our joy with our workers and collaborators. We can share with our watchmen and some workers who are coming to work faithfully but we could not organize a feast and meetings as planned.
We continue to work with joy and pray for the world waiting time to reopen everywhere.



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