The feast of Mary, the immaculate of Bole

The feast of Mary, the immaculate of Bole was celebrated on the 15thof December since the 9th of December 2019, the day in which the apparition took place, fell on a Monday, so for pastoral reasons, it was celebrated on the following Sunday.

The day began with a Eucharistic celebration at 8.30 a.m. animated by Sr. Frenesh Elias and our young Catholic youth while Sr. Agnese and Sr. Betty took care of the decorations and the preparation of the place where the gathering was to take place. Prior to the feast, the youth put all their effort to learn some new songs and into preparing the liturgy in order to help the congregation to pray in a better way.

The Catholics who pray in our chapel every Sunday took the lead in the organization of the feast. They invited the Catholics of Addis Ababa Archdiocese and about seven hundred of them turned up for the feast. Six priests also came from the Diocese to join us for the feast, among them the main celebrant was Fr. Kidane Sifir and Fr. Yohannes Kabede gave a beautiful homily focusing on the virtues of our lady especially that of humility that we must imitate. He encouraged the Christians to have our blessed Mother as a close companion in this life’s journey since she is our sure way to Jesus.

Mary continues to be very much alive here among us. Although the church is still studying the cloth where she imprinted her image, many people continue to pray through her intercession and are asking her to manifest herself more. A group of about fifteen people come monthly to pray the Rosary and to share bread and tea as a sign of fellowship, during the commemoration of Mary on the 21st of every month, according to the Ethiopian calendar. Some also come as a family to pray and to give alms for various intentions. During the novena, some women came daily and prayed the Holy Rosary fervently for different intentions of the church for an hour.

The celebration ended with the sharing of the food that our Catholics prepared in their houses for everybody. It was a very beautiful moment of sharing not only food but fraternity as a church united in the name of Mary. Everyone went home happy and fulfilled for the beautiful celebration.















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