Let us go to look for God’s people! # St. Cross(Kiddus Meskel) parish

“Let us move and go to meet God’s People! It is not enough to meet the people who come into our mission! Let us go out to meet God’s people, especially young people! Let us listen to their desires and dreams that God has planted in them!” 

Sr. Netsanet Asfaw FMA

St. Cross(Kiddus Meskel) parish is my parish where I grew up in the faith.  During my holidays I saw the girls and boys coming to the church dressed improperly way. I asked my parish priest why the young people were dressing in this way. The answer was “please Sister talk to them.” I answered him that I couldn’t and that I would come back to the community another time. He told me that he would like to invite me to meet young people. After some time, he phoned me saying that he found a day in which he wanted to invite me. As we were preparing this new visit to Catholic communities, we took this invitation of the priest as our first visit. We received the day of visiting and prepared some programs for young people.

On the 30 of November 2019, Saturday morning at 6:00 am, we set out our journey to St. Cross (Kiddus Meskel) parish. We prepared the balloon game with children and greeted the people coming. It was very impressive to see people kneeling down in front of the Church door to pray.  When we started the game with young people, we realized that they never had this game before. So, they were a bit confused, but they enjoyed.  After the game we entered the church, three different choirs were ready to welcome us with beautiful songs. While we were welcoming us with songs, we felt their deep faith and enthusiasm towards God.

After introducing ourselves We saw a small video clip “River” which is about life. Also, as the priest requested to speak about polite presence in the church with proper way of behaving and of dressing, I talked to them on how to behave, how to dress, how to be the best version of yourself, what kind of consequences our choices would bring, and finally at what we should aim for the future.  It was amazing to see them listening so intensely. Also, they shared their opinion and asked questions through which we got to know how they think and what they desire. We understood deeply that they really need our presence. Also, they expressed gratitude to God as well as to us. In the end Fr. Woldemeskel thanked us for accepting the invitation and was so grateful to God.

This visit encouraged us to continue this journey of meeting young people. Our faith is beyond our languages and knowledge. With the love of God, we can meet each other and touch others’ hearts.

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