Summer Oratory – Adwa

Spending this summer in the mission of Adwa for Summer Oratory was a fantastic experience for me. Being with children all day, making games for them and seeing them happy filled my heart with joy. I think that this oratory is a wonderful opportunity for these children. They learn sports and played with the volunteers, leaders and their friends. I will never forget their smiles and what they shared with me. They will remain in my heart forever. It was very impressive to see them enjoying while they were playing volleyball or any other sports. I have worked as an animator at the summer oratory in Italy for many years, but I never saw from Italian children the desire to play and the happiness of children that I saw in Adwa.

I wish that the oratory would last longer. I would love to spend more time with the children and the leaders. But I am aware that three weeks are not a short time and this oratory requires a lot of energy, attention, and collaboration with many people. I became very attached to the mission and to this place. I immediately felt at home and this feeling has been getting stronger and stronger. I really feel at home here.

For this, I would like to thank the sisters, the volunteers with whom I have a strong bond of friendship and the leaders who became like brothers and sisters to me. In a special way, I want to say thanks to Sr. Anna and Simona for all the preparation for the Summer Oratory.

My heart is breaking thinking of going back to Italy. I have never felt so much at home and the happiness that I have experienced here in Adwa. I will be grateful to all forever. –  Bonfanti Elisabetta

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