This year, Summer Oratory started on the 22nd of July. From the beginning, there were a lot of children. More or less, 250 girls from the age of 4 to 17. There were also over 10 local leaders and 2 volunteers from Poland. Together, with the Sisters, they prepared lessons, games, and lots of different activities for 5 weeks. From Monday to Friday, Oratory started at 2 p.m. Usually, the children had been waiting, in front of the gate, for Oratory’s activities almost an hour before. When the watchmen let them come inside, they were running and screaming with joy. The Oratory’s team arranged different sports activities for them like football, basketball, and volleyball, as well as dancing and singing. The girls enjoyed playing on the slide and swing – there was always a long queue. Last week, the smallest ones had an opportunity to learn roller skating. Before the classes, children gathered in groups by age. We prayed together, and after that, each one of the groups (there were 8) went to their classes, with their leaders. They had 3 subjects – Maths, Basic Science and English. Each of the lessons took 40 minutes. Every day, at 4.15 p.m. the bell rung and the children went back to the playground. For the games, we mixed up children from different groups and so we created 8 new various groups. Before the games started, we explained the rules. Always, 2 teams competed in each game. Each of them was fighting to be a winner. Daily, the leaders and volunteers were preparing 4 games, so during all 25 days of Oratory, the children could take part in 100 of different games. They are very creative. In the end, Sr. Netsanet summarized the day and we prayed together. At 5.30 p.m. children went home.  On Sunday, there was a specific program. We were focused on the Gospel, so each of the groups had to prepare some drama, dance or song based on it.  Leaders helped them. After 20-30 minutes of preparation, the children could show the fruits of their labor in front of others. Sometimes, children had the possibility to watch some short movies prepared by Sister.  On Sunday 18.08 there was a special day – a preparation before New Year’s celebration. Almost everyone was wearing beautiful traditional dresses, styled their hair and did the makeup. Some of them also had a skirt, a bracelet and a hairband made from the special leaves. We create a big fire from a plant. Children were dancing around it and singing very loudly. Even the sisters were dancing.

On the last Wednesday, all of them got a bag full of surprises. They could find inside it, a plastic car, stationery, clothes and hair accessories.

We finished Oratory on the 23rd of August. At the beginning of our last meeting, we had the fashion show. The smallest ones were wearing clothes prepared by sisters and presented them in front of everyone. After that, each of the groups gave short performances. In the end, everyone got a roll, juice and some sweets.  Unfortunately, we finally had to say “goodbye” to all of those wonderful girls. We are going to miss them, but still remember them in our prayer. We spent 5 weeks with them, full of smiling, happiness and wonderful moments. These joyful souls gave us a lot of energy for the future.  We are looking forward to September when we are going to meet with them again.


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