An unexpected visit in Bole

The Bishops with Sr. Celine and Sr. Pina

Just a few days ago we had a very unexpected visit from our Rt.Rev Bishop Berhane Yesus and his Auxiliary Bishop Lisane Matheos. They did not want to let anyone know in advance of their visit inorder to be the unnoticed guests among us.
Infact it was really a lovely surprise to everyone at Bole. They went from class to class in the Primary school and then the Kindergarten classrooms too… singing, testing the knowledge of the children according to the subjects the teachers were dealing with at that moment. To their surprise the children answered correctly to almost all their questions
Both of them were very happy and they blessed the children in each classroom and even those who were out in the field for sports.

The Bishops visiting a class

While addressing the teachers they thanked them for the good work so far accomplished for these little ones and asked us to continue to love the children and their profession as teachers. They were taken up by the spontenity of our children, the discipline and the cheerful atmosphere all around the school compound.
We thanked for their unexpected visit to our school community and asked them to come again.

Sr. Celine and Sr. Pina

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  1. Rosaria Assandri says:

    Congratulation for the wanderful mission. Missing all of you very much. ciao

  2. Rosaria Assandri says:

    Sr Roberta used to remind us that Our Lady did everything……..I would say…..through eachone of us.
    Is not wanderful to know that Jesus and Mary need us to do what they want to do?

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