The Rock

A man was sleeping in his house when suddenly a light illumined his room and God appeared to him. God told him that He had a task to entrust to him and He pointed to a huge stone right in from of his house. God explained to the man that he was to push that rock with all his strength. The man did what God requested and indeed, for many years, day after day, from dawn to sunset, the man pushed rock with all his strength but that rock did not moved of an inch. Every night the man returned to his house very tired, feeling that all his efforts were in vain.

Satan decided to enter in the game putting discouraging thoughts into the man’s mind: “You have being pushing that rock for a long time, and it has not moved” The man had the impression that it was impossible to fulfill the work entrusted to him and that he was a failure. These thoughts increased his feeling of frustration and disillusion.

Satan told him: “Why are you making this huge effort all day long? It is an impossible task! Make only a little effort and it will be sufficient.”

The man thought to put into practice that, but before doing so, he decided to raise a prayer to the Lord and confess his thoughts: “Lord, for a long time I have worked hard at your service. I have exhausted all my strength to achieve what you asked me, but even so, I have not managed to move the rock not even a millimeter. What happened? Why have I failed?” The Lord answered with compassion and tenderness: “Dear friend, when I asked you to serve me and you accepted I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength. You have done it. I have never told you that I expected you to move it. Your task was to push. Now you come to me without strength, to tell me that you have failed, but… Did you really fail? Look at yourself, your arms are strong and muscles are firm, your back is strong and tanned, your hands with callus for the constant pressure, your legs became hard. In spite of the adversities you have grown a lot and your abilities now are bigger that the ones you had time ago. Certainly, you have not moved the rock, but your mission was to push and to trust Me. That you have achieved! Now, dear friend, I shall move the rock

Sometimes, when we listen to the Word of God, we try to use our intellect to understand His will, when in reality God is only asking us to trust Him. We have to practice our faith, the one that moves mountains, but also we need to remember that it is God who, in the end, moves them.

When everything appears to go wrong… Push!

When you are exhausted because of your work… Push!

When people do not behave as you think they should…. Push!

just PUSH!

When people simply don’t understand you… only Push!

When you feel tired and without strength… only Push!         

In difficult moments ask for help to the Lord and raise a prayer to Jesus, to illumine your mind and guide your steps. Surrender your fears to Him and, in prayer, ask Jesus to help you to find the way that leads you to Him.

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  1. sr, rita says:

    thanks for this tought ….

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