Station X – Jesus is stripped of his garments.

The tenth station of the cross confronts us with the inevitable in every life: somewhere along the way, we each get stripped of what we have spent our lives acquiring, of things closest to our hearts, of possessions or positions that made us who we thought we were. Then, thrown back on ourselves, we are left to discover who we have really become. It is a frightening moment, often an embarrassing one, always a difficult one.

The question of the tenth station is, What is underneath the garments of pomp, authority, dignity and wealth that we have so carefully cultivated around us? Anything at all? The Jesus who stands before us naked and unashamed, dignified and full of conviction is calling us to pay more attention to who we are than what we have so cunningly conspired to pretend to be.

excerpts from Way of the Cross: Gateway to Resurrection by Joan Chittister

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