“Mary Help” Colleges Teachers’ meeting

Last Sunday, in Zway, we ended a very beautiful meeting with the teachers of the three Colleges in Ethiopia… All of the teachers were present and they very happy to meet each other… It has been two days of reflection about our way of doing and how to improve the quality of each college in order to give the best to our students.
We were 32 teachers coming from Addis Abbeba, Dilla and Zway, together with Sister Giò, Sister Nieves and Ato Abu… From the first moment all of them they were very happy because almost all of them they are our past pupils…
On Thursday morning, after of the prayer, we had the first session: “Active Learning and Assessment of Trainees in TVET Programs”, with different points about skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed for a good teacher in the TVET system, ways of assessment/evaluation, preparation of TTLM (teachers training learning modules) and time management.

We spent one full day doing the Situational Analysis SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and threats) of each of the campuses of Mary Help College and, after that, we worked by departments in order to give solutions and look for the best way to make stronger the network among the three campuses and to distribute the tasks that should be done in order to give quality education.
Saturday we finished our workshop with an outing to Sabana (a very beautiful place in Langano lake) where we have the opportunity to share and enjoy time together…

We thank God and every person who is making possible the growing of these three colleges in order to accompany and facilitate the integral growth of the young people and to prepare them for the world work… making them the protagonist of their own lives and giving them the opportunity to change their own reality, the one of their families and of the country…

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