Bl. Eusebia Palomino

(1899 – 1935)

Eusebia was born on 15th December 1899 at Cantalpino, a small village in the province of Salamanca (Spagna). He parents were Agustín and Juana Yenes. She lived her infant years in dignified poverty with her father’s enlightened faith. He was a deeply Christian labourer who would be her first catechist. Eusebia soon learnt the reality of humbly giving service, and lived this with serene generosity and with the sincere desire of always pleasing God. In 1922, after some years living with the community of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians at Salamanca, as a most appreciated helper and factotum, she asked and was granted permission to begin her religious formation in the Institute.
She made her religious profession in 1924, and was sent to the House at Valverde del Camino (Diocese of Huelva) where she worked in the kitchen and other tasks of maintenance of the College grounds. This did not prevent her from beginning and leading a fruitful catechetical apostolate amongst the children and young students, who saw in her a breath of divine understanding that they could not get from their books. Little by little adults and much of the local population, even priests and seminarians, were attracted by her spirit of prayer and her shining faith: they sought her advice and followed up her apostolic initiatives, admiring her “unique desire to make prayer a part of every home”, so that the Lord’s Passion would be everywhere honoured, people would flee from sin and there would be filial confidence in the Virgin Mary.
Her action ultimately extended to written correspondence to many parts of Spain, from her desire to “make Jesus’ Heart triumph”.
She loved the Church, the Holy Father and the Institute. She loved her own country, Spain, deeply, and foresaw at a distance of some years the drama of bloody revolution. In 1931 she offered herself to the Lord, as a victim for the salvation of her Spanish brothers and sisters and of the whole world. Shortly afterwards an illness never clearly identified, complicated by asthma, affected her body and led to her death: there were three years of indescribable suffering, lived in a crescendo of love for Jesus and joyful anticipation of Paradise which opened up for her on 10th February 1935

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