The spirit of Don Bosco did not stop at the frontier

Don Bosco in Khartoum

Read the article to know how the Salesian Family in Khartoum reacted to the disappointment of not being    able to welcome Don Bosco’s urn.

The spirit of Don Bosco did not stop at the frontier.

Some news from Sr. Teresa R.:

“At the last hour, Don Bosco’s relic  did not get permissiont to land in khartoum, but all the same  we celebrated the feast, as it was planed, with the statue of Don Bosco from St.Joseph Parish and the relic from our community in Shajara.
In Mayo it was  like Easter Sunday…. so many people attended the celebration! Soon I will try to write about it- it was great day,the  Relic did not arrived but Don Bosco truly came- we felt it all…..I took photos , and video(by little camera , but it came quite well) .
On Friday 20 of Jan. we celebrate the Feast of Laura Vicunia. Sr.Josephine came to Mayo with 15 girls of st. Joseph, so all together we had  more than 320 girls. We celebrate together:It was again a great day

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