Happy Feast of St. Francis of Sales

We are not sure if you are aware of the beautiful gift that was presented yesterday by the Rector Mayor of the SDB,, Fr. Chavez, in the context of the Spirituality Days of the Salesian Family: the  Charter of Identity for the Salesian Family . This is a document which will help individuals and lay and religious groups to come to know and to assimilate Don Bosco and strengthen the links of communion and commitment in the Salesian mission. “What is described in this third Charter, which incorporates and integrates the previous ones, is the charismatic identity of the Salesian Family, in other words, all that refers to the mission, the spirit, to the relationships, to  formation, to the methods of education and of evangelisation- the Rector Mayor points out -. Certainly, the history of the charism, considered in its origins and in its development, forms part of the identity; in fact an identity without a memory, being without roots, has no future. For this reason the Charter brings together the experience of the different Groups of the Family, tracing out in summary form, that identity of the Salesian charism that is the patrimony of all.To read more about it go to http://www.sdb.org and follow the link. Sorry but at moment the document is only in Italian.

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