A real evangelical community!

We got this message from our sisters in Gumbo  (Juba)

“We are a happy community…. we bear one another’s burdens ….. and also the weight of the others!!!!!!!
Fortunately, Sr. Antonietta makes the weight of the community  lighten ”  and this is the photo they sent!
The weight of Sr. Antonietta is so light that….. we cannot see her in the photo!
Well done Sisters!  Keep it up!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sr. Rosaria be careful… you are going to break the wheelbarrow!!!! Sr. Teresa you are really strong and…. Sr. Antonietta I guess you are the photographer, aren’t you?

  2. seedsofcommunion says:

    Sr. Rosaria makes a good advertiser for FLIP FLOPS and cell-phones!!!

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